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A man with three buttocks. WE’VE DONE THAT ALREADY! Oh, sorry. And now, for something completely different: A man with nine legs. HE RAN AWAY!

Oh well, and now for something completely the same this week’s Flix on Fleek is about things I’ve been watching on Netfix or Prime Video.

Monty Python’s Flying Circus

I admit it, the set up for this article was shamelessly stolen from a Monty Python sketch.

Recently Netflix added a considerable chunk of Monty Python’s stuff. There’s their 2014 reunion special, the movies, their German TV specials and all of the Flying Circus. To be fair, I’m pretty familiar with the show. I’ve owned a DVD copy of the whole series for ages, but it’s in Spain. But it’s always a fun show to watch. Especially because I never finished it. I never watched the final series because John Cleese had jumped ship by that time and I felt it wouldn’t be the same without him, as things aren’t the same since Graham Chapman died.

I might get to it this time though, it’s one of those things I’ll have to do sooner or later. It’s also the perfect show to watch during my lunch break in college, as well.


I only started watching this one recently, I’m one episode in and it looks interesting enough. Stephen King sang its praises, and since the man’s enriched my life so much (and also made me discover other amazing authors and tv series) I decided to give it a go.

It focuses on a family, the Bowmans, on the aftermath of an alien invasion that makes the US even more of a dystopia. Will Bowman (played by Josh Holloway) is forced to work for the occupation forces hunting the Resistance, under the promise that they’ll help him find his missing son. But the catch is that his wife Katie (Sarah Wayne Callis) is part of the Resistance. I’m only one episode in, and Netflix only has one season (it’s on season three in the US at this point) so I’m rationing this one.

The Great British Bake Off

I spent years puzzled by The Great British Bake Off, especially the reactions that it had on some of my friends. I remember seeing them talking about it in an almost reverential tone, but I never got down to watching it.

When the first seven series were added to Netflix a couple of weeks ago I thought it was time to see why everyone was so into it. And after finishing the first episode I understood.

I enjoy competitive cooking shows, I watch a lot of them when I’m bored. But most of them are American cooking shows. They have that component of “I deep fried some mac and cheese that I put into a deep fried burger that I deep fried again and I’m serving it on a slab of butter” that I find both revolting (even though part of me thinks ‘I’d eat that’) and fascinating. And there’s also a lot of trash talk.

And I found the complete opposite on GBBO. It was all so wholesome and everyone is so nice to each other it made me appreciate the show even more. Sure, Paul Hollywood‘s obsession with soggy bottoms might be a bit too much at times, but I have a good time watching this show. It also makes me very hungry, I should add…

What are you watching? Let us know in the comments.

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