‘Upside Down (Stranger Things Song)’ – Miracle Of Sound – Track Of The Day


Everyone on the internet knows that Stranger Things 2 came out not too long ago. I was a massive fan of the first season, despite my less than positive feelings about horror in general. So it surprised me that I just couldn’t work up the enthusiasm to start watching the new season.

That finally changed a few days ago when Miracle Of Sound uploaded his Stranger Things inspired song. I was so pumped to jump back into the world of the show after just a single listen. Oh and the new season is alright, or whatever, now go on and check out the song.

Miracle Of Sound, also known as Irelands own Gavin Dunne, uploads his music to his YouTube channel, is a host on Jim Sterlings Podquistion, and funds his music through Patreon. If you’ve got your own favourite Miracle Of Sound song, let us know in the comments. (Mines is You Died so no stealing.)

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