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Okay, so it’s just a bit early for Christmas music. Just a bit. I also reckon people are sick to (Volde) mort  of seeing me write about Harry Potter. And I’m very late to the party to use the Thorsday pun as Ragnarok was a while ago now. But I can still appreciate John Williams (omg he’s the absolute man, just heard him played by RTE last night) under the pretense of following the excitement Star Wars fans are feeling one week away from the next installment. Or at least the ones who don’t hate the new movies, which I imagine is a good few of them.

All Aboard the Rey Train

I’m a bit late to this party too having come in at the somewhat disliked prequels stage and went backwards from there. But I now love them quite a bit, particularly with this new more female turn with the newer movies. Jyn was awesome and Rey is also quite a force (if you’ll excuse the pun) to be reckoned with. Celebrating this cool character (whether or not she’s the last Jedi or not) it seems apt to do it with her own theme below. Just in case your week is getting too long, remember, you are just as able to come out of it as Rey did to be awesome!

Niamh Ennis

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