Frank Sinatra ‘My Way’- Track of the Day


I haven’t listened to most of Sinatra’s old stuff, but ‘My Way’ is now the exception to the rule! Readers may recognize the song from the trailer to Kingsman: The Golden Circle, where I first heard it. The song is charming, vintage and almost glamorous in its use of orchestra. I believe this makes it perfect for a witty but somewhat nostalgic spy film like Vaughn’s Kingsman. Translated from Claude Francois’ Comme D’Habitude by Paul Anka, the song is really brought to life by Sinatra. Though apparently he would grow tired of it in later years, it very much became his signature song.

The song tells the story of man on his death bed. He argues that he’s not sad, as he enjoyed a full and good life. Despite having regrets and making mistakes, he’s nevertheless proud of his life. In fact, he argues, his life is all the more fulfilling as he did it ‘My Way.’ He may have dismissed it as a self-indulgent song, but Sinatra really brings the trials and tribulations of life together in a way that rivals Edith Piaf. It has a really comforting message, delivered wonderfully. Stand proud and move forward, reader, it’s your way!

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