‘YOUR ARMS’ – Aminata – Track Of The Day


These days I can mostly be found in the playground of the Spotify Discover playlists. It’s opening doors to musuic and artists I’d never have heard of otherwise. The terrifying thing is though that everything and I mean that genuinely, EVERYTHING, I’ve found through the discover playlist I’ve fallen in love with!

Take for example today’s track of the day ‘YOUR ARMS’. Performed by Aminata it’s my current earworm and this is where the power of Discover comes in to play. Aminata took part in the 2015 Eurovision representing Latvia with ‘Love Injected’ – that was the song/artist/country I was backing to win. I’d completely forgotten about her until last week when the music app recommended I listen to ‘YOUR ARMS’.

So now I am doing the same – you should totally listen to today’s track! Discover something new!

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