Kyary’s Latest Music Video ‘Easta’ Is Crazy Weird


If Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is in a competition with herself to outdo her own quirks, then ‘Easta’ could take first place! That’s saying a lot for her!

‘Easta’ doesn’t just sound a little jarring, the music video is a trip down into madness. The whole thing sounds something like you’d hear as BGM. Perhaps in the opening area of a backwater town/village in any Final Fantasy game. It’s a weird and wonderful kind of marching music, I’d like to see someone actually try and dance to it.

The video sees Kyary leaving her Egg kingdom, in ruins, then bathing in a cracked shell before assaulting a group of egg scientists… with ketchup. I told you this was all kinds of crazy weird. It’s Kyary in a nutshell, or eggshell as the case may be!

Oh and those are not hamsters or guinea pigs in the video either. Those are capybara; the largest rodents in the world. I’m still trying to figure out just why they’re there or how they tie into Easter or eggs!

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