Kim Reaper #1 Review – Goths, Cats And Death


Oni Press, synonymous with fun and off the wall titles, published Kim Reaper #1 earlier this month. Adding to their library of funness and off the wallness (shut up that’s a real saying!) is the adventure of a queer art student in love with a goth girl. And they say the romantic genre is dead! Well in the case of Kim Reaper it really and truely is or at the very least it’s about death!

Published by
Oni Press
Written by
Sarah Graley
Art by
Sarah Graley

Allow our chibi-esque main character to enter, Becka, a young art student with a crush on a classmate. Encouraged by her equally adorable and somewhat sassy best friend, Becka plucks up the courage to ask Kim to the pub before stumbling accidentally into a portal and learning that her maybe possible soul mate is a reaper of souls. Not in the romantic sense, unless you find being a grim reaper something to swoon over!

Becka unphased proceeds to ask Kim out only for the pair to find themselves trapped in the home of an energy drink swilling, cat hoarding muscleman.

Kim Reaper is fantastic! Completely and totally bonkers! Just like plucky Becka. Graley does enough world building for the first issue to have structure then dollops on all of the adorableness and laughs. Her main character is a squishy adorable dork, with the heart and goofiness to bumble her way into our lives. It’s not hard to see a little of yourself in Becka. Hell I feel like her and I are kindred spirits, sharing a dalliance in the world of the cool goth kids (even if it was for only 5 days in my case). She’s the kind of character you want as your best friend.

Graley is also the artist on the comic and her style features a healthy influence of Adventure Time and Gravity Falls. It all feels like it belongs on screen as a cartoon. That all makes a lot of sense given Graley was writer and artist on the Oni Press published Rick and Morty: Lil’ Poopy Superstar.

Our wannabe goth/wannabe dating a goth hero and our lowly grim reaper are left in a pinch at the end of the first issue. Just how they’ll come out on top against an enraged muscleman in an armor made of cats is anyone’s guess! I didn’t even talk about how awesome the cats are! Here’s hoping the furry little beasts will continue to pop up every issue!

If you are searching for something on the lighter side of things in your comics pull list then you’ll need to get round to ordering Kim Reaper.

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There's nothing wannabe about Graley's cute goth Kim Reaper! A must read!

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