Gallery: Comiket Cosplay 2015


Comiket or Comic Market is the bi-annual manga festival that took Japan by storm. Since it’s origins in 1975, the show has become one of the largest gatherings, drawing in nearly half a million people per event and a lot of the audience comes in elaborate cosplay.

The August show which is currently under way is no different and here are some of our favourite cosplays so far:

The Comic Market is a marketplace where individuals can offer their own self-produced creations to a community that appreciates and supports such creative personal activities. Comiket primarily focuses on acting as a communal exchange place ,for self-published books ‒ known as dojinshi. Japanese ‒ dictionaries define dojinshi as self-published material aimed toward likeminded individuals and the Comic Market invites ,any publication (books, music films, software, etc.) published by individuals that are not available through standard commercial outlets.

Comiket takes place from the 14th – 16th August and is the first of the two events held at the Tokyo Big Sight convention center.

Andy Kavanagh

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