Style Saturday: The Purrrfect Look


In view of DC comics’ step towards sexual diversity, today I decided to feature the one and only, the girl herself… Selina Kyle! Last week in issue #39 of Catwoman, she officially came out as bisexual. We’ve seen gay characters embracing their sexuality in recent times, but I think it’s important to showcase different sexual orientations in the spectrum as well. Also, she’s a mighty fine cat… So what’s not to love?

I love how she’s depicted by Adam Hughes, and I was pretty inspired by his drawings when coming up with this look. I went for something she would wear herself while prowling in the streets of Gotham.

She’s classy and classic, so I went for a discrete smoky eye with a winged liner (a cat eye… get it?), some defined cheekbones, and a stained “bitten” lip. I decided not to go with the traditional red lip, but it is definitely an option.


This look is timeless and it will suit everybody independent of skin tone or facial shape, and it will enhance your features and natural beauty. For the complete tutorial, just tune in:

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