Wordspionage – a Cloak and Dagger Crossword Game


Wordspionage is Florida based Napland Games debut title, Wordspionage at the surface seems like a traditional crossword game – it is anything but.  Inspired by Spy films Wordspionage features spy-themed moves and features that add new layers of strategy, with four player co-op it is a game that destroys friendship and trust to the same degree as Monopoly, my friends and I had to just eventually shut it off after and hour of play, our trust forever tainted.

 Micro-transactions are present , you start off with a balance of $1,000 WS Dollars and said money is required for launching future “Special Operations”- which is the unique game-mode that cuts Wordspionage above the rest. I must insist, if you do download WS and find yourself having a great time, maybe throw these guys a few quid to continue playing, although Wordspionage is still playable without you having to spend a single penny. Currently Wordspionage is free on Android and is currently in the works for its iOS release, while it may not be to some people’s liking it is a breath of fresh air to crosswords, seriously, Napland Games managed to innovate CROSSWORDS.

It is definitely worth a shot!


Alan Horgan

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