The Arcade Awards 2013 – Voting Open


The Arcade Awards 2013 are now open for voting! You have nominated in record numbers this year and as always many of our categories were selected with only one or two nominations in the difference! This year we got a bit of a surprise when two of categories tied and our usual five spots were bumped up to six, Geek Retailer and Best Cosplayer is going to be very tough this time with each nominee bringing something awesome of their own to the Awards.

For those who made it this far we’ve created a ribbon you can use on your website/social media profiles to let people know of your achievement and place in the finals:

The Awards will also work differently this year, you will be able to vote once every 24 hours – so if you’re really passionate about your favourite video game or convention winning then you can come back the next day and vote again! Voting will close Friday 29th November 2013 and winners will be announced Monday 2nd December and hopefully we’ll have some award ‘trophies’ to send out just before Christmas!

Congratulations to all those who were nominated it has been a fantastic year to be an Irish gamer and geek and next year only looks set to be bigger and better!





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TV & Movies


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Books & Comics


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Conventions & Cosplay


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Geek Life


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    • These nominees aren’t picked by us Bob; justt like last year, we asked readers to nominate their favourite video games, cosplayers, conventions, retailers – everything on that list. The five most popular nominees are then put into the list!

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    • maire b doherty on

      Can’t manage to vote every 24 hours …. can you check that your site is set up for this, might be my system

      • Hi Maire, checked it out there and yeah it should be good to go! I’d suggest clearing your browser history and cookies and see if that works 🙂