Readers Choice Awards 2011 – Your Winners


Just under two weeks ago we opened up our Readers Choice Awards to you our readers and we have been completely blown away by the response. In that short time 6,625 of you have cast your votes, you’ve had your say and now we can proudly bring you the results of this years awards!
Some categories were won by complete landslides while others were won by just a single vote difference.

To the winners and the amazing nominees, we would like to congratulate you all and we wish you every success for 2012!


Best Game: The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim
Best Developer: Rocksteady Studios

Movies, TV and Anime!

Best Movie: X-Men First Class

Best Performer: Neil Patrick Harris

Best TV Show: Game of Thrones

Best Anime: Naruto Shippuden



Best Single: Set Fire to the Rain

Best Album: Darren Giles – Reasons to be Quiet

 Best Unsigned Act: Jet Set Radio


Comics, books and art!

Best Publication: Arthur Quinn and the World Serpent / Alan Early

Best Irish Writer: Robert Curley

Best Irish Artist: Ger Hankey

General Geek Stuff

Best Convention: ArcadeCon

Best Cosplayer: Fiona O’Reilly

Best Geek Retailer: Forbidden Planet Dublin

Best Gadget: Nintendo 3DS

Best Youtuber


  • Bryan Excalibur Mc Namara

    Congratulations to all the winners and best of luck for continued success in 2012 😀

  • John D

    Arcade-con won best con? Well not really surprising as this is the arcade website. Honestly I don’t think it was a good idea to do any kind of vote on best of 2011 if it includes anything to do with the arcade or it’s staff. There’s naturally going to be a bias in the voting and there’s no way to say it wasn’t rigged?

    It would be like Empire magazine having a voting for best movie mag of 2011 and including it’s rivals. Something like that wouldn’t happen if it did and they won then they’d be in court so fast by rival publications. Another example would be the con committee winning the pub quiz at a con and walking off with the prizes.

    I did think arcadecon was an ok event and well done for putting it on but I really can’t see it as being the best in the UK and Ireland. What about, Q-con, Nom-con, Eirtakon, Ame-con/Aya-con, Kita-con, Minami-con, or even Alcon? All of them were better and if I were them I’d feel a little done in on this vote. London Expo was mentioned but as the title says it’s an expo and not a con but even so, Arcade-con is better than an event that draws in 40,000 people?

    I know you’re saying the attendees voted in these results but I think everyone will have a hard time believing the results given that it’s on this website. I think votes like that are better being done by a truly independent organisation or one which has connections to all the events which wouldn’t have a bias. Also I did notice some people who are committee or staff getting mentioned in some of the other categories which I would have to call into question.

    This comment will probably get deleted…

    • Hey John,

      The Arcade staff actually discussed this before the voting got going, we were concerned that including ArcadeCon might look a little dodgy, especially if it won. However, we decided to go ahead and include ourselves for one reason – the reader’s choice awards are based 100% on nominations we received via e-mail from the readers of the Arcade website. We (the staff) did not decide who was included in each category, the readers did, and we did not want to undermine this process by ignoring readers’ nominations for ArcadeCon.

      We are well aware, as probably everyone reading this is, that there is a high chance of bias in that particular vote given that this is the Arcade website. However, these polls are for fun among our readers and are hardly important in the grand scheme of things. If you feel hard done by or annoyed by that particular vote then I’m sorry to hear it, but like I said – it’s all in good fun.

      There’s not much I can say that will change people’s mind if they believe that the polls were rigged, so I guess I’ll leave it at that. We’re thrilled with the response and we’re happy for all the winners – in the end that’s all we wished for really. 🙂 Hopefully this response will go some way towards alleviating your distrust.

      On one last point, you said that you saw Arcade/ArcadeCon committee & staff getting mentioned elsewhere in the awards – I think you might be mistaken here because as far as I can see, none of our staff are included in any of the other categories.

      Hopefully this has cleared things up a little.

  • Kayleigh Rhiannon Tester

    So many votes this year. Well done to everyone!

    • Declan Doody

      Quiet you…get back to feeding the BEGONIAS…they are not nearly fancy enough!

  • Declan Doody

    Congrats to all the winners and well done to all the nominees! The voting was phenomenal!

    Looking forward to doing it all over again in 2012!

  • Well done to the winners: Fiona, Jet Set Radio and the rest.. I believe I must buy their album and check it out myself.